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Campfire cooking recipes



Part 1
At Koesterfontein Glamping Farm you have the option of cooking in the beautiful kitchen or over your campfire, but we wanted to share a series of yummy campfire cooking recipes with you for your next trip to Koesterfontein Glamping Farm… Because even glampers love a good braai!
Chicken Cream Sauce Potjie
The sounds and smells of a potjie (literally a cauldron of food) simmering away is quite an amazing culinary experience. Courtesy of Potjiekos World, their recipe for a delicious chicken potjie… A perfect addition to your glamping. For 4 to 6 people, you will need:
1. A number 3 potjie
2. 1,5 hours
3. 6 chicken breasts
4. 12 baby onions, peeled
5. Chicken spice to taste
6. 10 baby potatoes, peeled
7. 250g rindless bacon/macon, cubed
8. 750ml frozen mixed vegetables
9. 4 medium onions, diced
10. 300g mushrooms, sliced
11. 60ml smooth apricot jam
12. Aromat/Salt to taste
13. 100ml water
14. 1 packet of oxtail soup
15. 15ml Worcester sauce
16. 1 packet of onion soup
17. 500ml fresh cream or 250ml Cream + 250ml milk
How to make the potjie:
• Spice the chicken with the chicken spice.
• Heat the oil in the pot and braai the bacon for about 5 minutes.
• Add the onions and apricot jam and braai until soft.
• Now add the chicken, water and Worcester sauce, cover with the lid, and allow it to simmer for about 15 minutes.
• Add the onions and potatoes and allow the pot to simmer for a further 10 minutes.
• Next, add the veggies and the mushrooms.
• Sprinkle a little Aromat/Salt over the pot, cover with the lid and allow to simmer for 30 minutes.
• Mix the soup powder with the cream and add it to the pot. Cover and allow it to simmer for a final 30 minutes.
Serve the potjie with rice or bread or enjoy it just like that. The key word here is enjoy!
Stokbrood (or breadsticks) is an amazing snack or side dish for your campfire. If you haven’t experienced stokbrood, then you are in for a treat. It is especially delicious when warm, dripping with butter, jam, syrup or honey!
You only need three things for this recipe:
1. Sticks
• You can bring them along (ask your hardware store for 10mm wooden dowels) or pick them up in the field but make sure you wash them or wrap the ends of the sticks in tinfoil!
• Also, make sure they are long enough so you don’t burn and thick enough so they won’t bend or snap.
2. Dough
• You can either make the dough from scratch or buy already made bread dough. If you are feeling ambitious, find a dough recipe here.
• Take a small ball of dough and roll it between your hands to create a ‘worm’ and flatten it a bit.
• Wrap it around the stick, ensuring that there are no big holes and that the end is completely covered with dough (so you don’t lose your delicious fillings).
3. Fire
• Hold your stokbrood over medium to hot coals while turning it slowly, but do not touch the flames.
• After about 10 to 15 minutes, the stokbrood should be golden brown and sound hollow when tapped.
Twist your stokbrood off the stick, fill it with whatever your taste buds desire and ENJOY!
S’mores campfire cones
We found this recipe on Frugal Coupon Living and it looks yum! S’mores are usually a bit messy but the cone in this recipe keeps all that lovely mess together. This is what you’ll need:
1. Sugar or waffle cones
2. Mini or normal marshmallows
3. As many chocolate slabs as you deem necessary (Try different chocolates to change the taste)
4. Aluminium foil
How to make the cones:
• Fill each cone with marshmallows and chocolate (as much as you can cram in there)
• Wrap the whole cone in foil
• Leave them on the grill for about 7 to 10 minutes (keep away from direct flames)
Unwrap and enjoy the S’morey goodness… But be careful, it will be hot!
And now we are drooling a little bit! Come test out your new campfire cooking recipes at Koesterfontein Glamping Farm soon. We can’t wait to see you.
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S’mores Campfire Cones

Chicken Cream Sauce Potjie



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