14 Sep

Featuring: French Toast Coffee Café in Hartbeespoort

Imagine sipping on great coffee and eating crispy croissants while staring at the Eiffel Tower… Now imagine doing all that in Hartbeespoort! Impossible? Well, say bonjour to the French Toast Coffee Café.
The French Toast Coffee Cafe was originally built as the official bar in the film French Toast and is known as Café Alexandre in the movie. There are even certain Parisian elements that were added to the movie set and café like an Eiffel Tower (although it’s only 12,5m tall), the ‘I love you wall’, and a lock bridge.
The café can accommodate about 150 people and a portion of it is now a gallery that also appears in the movie and is incorporated with the rest of the Coffee Café, which creates a unique atmosphere for the movie set.
The French Toast Coffee Café is about an hour’s drive from Koester Glamping Farm – perfect for a quick breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea. However, they do not accept bookings so it’s best to get there early to reserve your spot at Harties’ Paris.
Some of the recommended dishes are the French toast with cream cheese mousse and berry compote, the cinnamon-infused apple French toast pie and their carrot cake, which is apparently “to die for”.
In keeping with the French theme, almost everything on their menu includes French toast in some form or other. So, if French toast is your thing – this is the place for you. They also have unique drinks such as the Melktert (Milk Tart) and Magnum milkshakes. Be warned though, the Melktert milkshake contains alcohol.
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Their operating hours:
Monday – Sunday
7:30 – 17:00
Their address:
Hartbeespoort Aquarium
R511 R27
Their website:


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