3 Aug

Happy Womens Month

Happy Women’s Month as we celebrate women

Being a glamping girl
What does it take to turn a humble family bee farm into a luxury camping site in the Cradle of Humankind? We asked Zai Khan, the owner and glamping girl of Koester Glamping Farm to share some of her highs, lows, and tips. Zai wears many hats including radio presenter, entrepreneur, mom, and glamping girl.
What made you want to become an entrepreneur/glamping girl?
Corporate cubicle hell (laughs)! I always knew the grass is greener outside and that’s where I wanted to be. I love spending time with my family and friends and I was tired of spending my days commuting to a cubicle and packing my real life into a two-week holiday every year. So, I created a business I can run from anywhere.
Why did you choose glamping as a business?
Glamping is a unique business. It’s camping in an amazing natural surrounding with all the comfort and style you deserve. I’m not a true camper in any way, shape or form. I don’t want to sleep on the ground. I want my 300-thread count linen, Dolce Gusto coffee served in Le Creuset cups and that’s exactly what I offer through Koester Glamping Farm.
Glamping is all about making camping glamorous. And Koester Glamping Farm provides quality tented living with hotel-quality king-size beds and linen which makes for a comfortable and luxurious glamping experience. We live such rushed lives and through Koester Farm Glamping, I want to encourage people to head out of the city for a weekend adventure.
What have been your challenges as an entrepreneur?
Learning to believe in myself. It is scary stepping out as an entrepreneur, so I had to learn to trust my intuition and of course, it is extremely hard work! I am also not staying on the farm full-time yet but the move will happen soon as I would like to be close to the business.
And your joys?
Living what I love. As an entrepreneur, your work can become play and I love that I can take “workcations” anytime without feeling guilty.
What is the biggest lesson you have learnt or are learning?
You need to create a good system that allows you to delegate certain tasks to your employees, which will free you up to do strategic work. Having systems run the business and employees who run the systems is a work in progress and I’m training myself to do this.
I have also learnt to take nothing for granted and to never underestimate the power of networking. After all, your network is your net worth.
Your advice for other women who want to become entrepreneurs?
Don’t be afraid. If you feel the fear… do it anyway! My personal motto is “Little girls with dreams become women with vision”. So, have a dream and a vision and then go get it!
What does the future hold for you and Koester Farm Glamping?
I want to revitalise my farm by adding more glamping tents, becoming eco-friendly and off the grid. I would also like to offer wellness (yoga) and spa treatments in future.
Contact Zai and her team today to book your spot at Koester Farm. Then you can also become a glamping girl or guy. We can’t wait to see you soon!
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